Groove of the Month

February - Happy Valentine's Day

The first thing that comes to mind February 1 is Valentine's Day is right around the corner. For those of us who are not single that means doing something special for the one you love.

For guys out there the first step to making Valentine's day special for your wife or girlfriend could be with a bouquet of flowers.

This Month's Pick: For the month of February we are focusing on roses, a woody perennial from the genus Rosa. It is from within the family Rosaceae and includes hundreds of species. The flowers come in various shapes and sizes and are often large and showy. The colours can range from white to yellows and reds. They are also popular cut flowers for both commercial and domestic use. For Valentine's day a bouquet of roses is one of the best ways to convey the heart's emotions. At the same time you are delighting your valentine with the colours, brilliance and elegance that only a bouquet of roses can provide.

Roses are usually harvested and cut while in bud and stored in refrigerated conditions until they are prepared to be sold. Care requiring just a few minutes each day can prolong the life of the blooms for up to two weeks. All that is required is a vase, soapy water, bleach floral perservative and either a sharp knife or pruning shears. Click here for details on a list of instructions for care. The number of roses you give also sends a message. One rose can symbolize love at first sight or if given years later say, "I still love you." Sending 50 or more roses shows a boundless love matched by a bouquet equally as limitless. To see the complete list on what message a number flowers converys click here.